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The first Featherweights batched in 1933 begin with the two-letter prefix 'AD'.By checking when the next batch was started, it's possible to get a fairly accurate date of when any particular machine might have left the assembly line.Antique sewing machines with lower serial numbers by more obscure makers would be even better.Any sewing machine with a serial # above 50,000 would be considered "Late" and relatively common.White did not name these models other than to designate those following their initial offering as an "Improved White." The Serial Number is 1,407,729 suggesting a manufacture year of 1903.

There was no date on the catalog, but I’m guessing it dates around 1880 – 1890.

Using the serial number you can use the charts below to find the date when your machine was given a batch assignment at the factory.

If you do not find your machine serial number listed in the charts, then further in the text below will be more references and info.

Jim often forgets that sewing machines are made for lots of things besides sewing quilt patches together! The white buttons on the lower right raise and lower the feed dogs. Travel of the shuttle can be viewed under the two slide plates. Most of these conversions of treadles happened during World War II when new machines were nonexistent and people wanted to "modernize." Kits were sold for converting treadles to electric and that made it a fairly simple task. Also, the VS III was quite long running as a model -- 1893 through 1928.

We do not have an owner's manual to verify our belief and would appreciate help in locating one. This White Vibrating Shuttle sewing machine pictured above is our oldest White. The changes were minimal, mainly an upgraded bobbin winder and a different shuttle just after the turn of the century.

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